Workplace Relations

Staff issues arise regularly.  Many of the day-to-day problems that bubble up can be successfully resolved through empathetic conversations between the people involved. Others may be more complex or risky, and usually mean some type of internal investigation must be conducted. Oftentimes they arise from complaints such as:

  • Bullying or harassment
  • Discrimination or other human rights infringements
  • Disrespectful workplace conduct
  • Alleged retaliation
  • Employee performance or other alleged misconduct
  • Ethical violations such as suspected fraud or contraventions of your company’s policies.

Employee complaints do not need to be in writing or “formally” made to warrant an immediate and thorough internal investigation. Your duty to investigate also arises when you see acts or hear statements that suggest prohibited activity.

While the complaint may initially come to your attention or that of a human resources advisor or other leader, these may not be the people best suited to conduct an investigation in all circumstances. Sometimes you need an impartial outsider to investigate the matter.

With our comprehensive experience in all matters governing the employment relationship, we can bring integrity, fairness, impartiality and respect to all employment-related investigations, and provide you a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations to remedy the matter.

We are also skilled in the development and delivery of custom training on respectful workplace practices and conflict resolution.

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