Organization Change

Every company evolves over time. Unfortunately, change is hard – for the organization and your leaders, and also for the talented people who enable your success. But change is necessary for you to continually adapt to changing business circumstances, and hence the long-term survival for your business. We can help if you are

  • Introducing a new HR policy or program
  • Shifting your corporate culture to enable the next level of growth
  • Reorganizing or restructuring your business
  • Contemplating an acquisition, merger or divestiture

Research has shown that successful change requires a specific focus on the human response to change. Irrespective of the type of transition you are contemplating, you can be sure that the beliefs, values, assumptions and patterns of behaviour of your people will affect the success of your change initiative. But it’s easy to overlook the ‘people’ aspects while focusing on the flawless execution of the ‘hard’ process and project management elements of a change. This can contribute to your people not adopting the change you are implementing – the change that may define the future success of your business.

We have a successful track record of helping organizations navigate the people, process and technological aspects of large-scale transformation efforts. We help you focus on the things that are critical to the success of every initiative, including sponsorship, leadership, timing, communication and behaviour management. This helps to overcome resistance to change and building readiness to embrace the change – which ultimately contributes to a successful long-term implementation. As certified Prosci® practitioners, our change management expertise will support you through the process from the earliest stages of opportunity identification to the transformation and integration activities. We will help you

  • address the human capital risks such as cultural integration, organizational design and structure and communication more effectively,
  • experience higher levels of workforce engagement
  • ensure greater retention of key talent
  • realize the anticipated long-term value of the change initiative.

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