Our Services

We help you excel in the areas of strategic management and human resources.  We help you design and implement effective organization structures, strategies, programs and policies to attract, develop and retain great employees.  We work collaboratively with you to provide personalized, practical and results-focused solutions to address your organizational issues and opportunities.

Benefits to you:

Our practical consulting and real-world expertise will help you:

  • Focus employee effort on work that makes a positive difference to your organization’s bottom line
  • Create an energized work environment to attract, engage and retain the talent you need
  • Build employee engagement and productivity
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Improve work relationships and communication
  • Get value from the effective implementation of large-scale organization change initiatives
  • Build capacity in your organization
  • Build strong teams that accomplish more with less

Areas we support include:

  • Developing and communicating your business strategy
  • Aligning your HR strategy with your overall company strategy, values, culture and objectives
  • Implementing measurable HR strategies, programs and initiatives
  • Optimizing HR policies and programs by refocusing activity and incorporating best practices
  • Resolving workplace issues such as conflict, harassment and grievances
  • Increasing receptiveness to and readiness for change
  • Project-managing the implementation of large-scale organization change initiatives, such as acquisitions, divestiture, restructuring or reorganizations
  • Developing effective leaders through training and ongoing coaching in areas such as recruitment, general management, employee relations and conflict management
  • Changing individual and team performance and building capacity within your organization
  • Mentoring your HR practitioners to build their technical competence